Just over two years ago, the world came to an unprecedented halt. Stranded was born as an antidote to the mounting anxiety that we felt while we were literally stranded. It was a way to worry with our hands while we quarantined. Stringing precious beads was simple and basic. It was a process that we could control in the face of our vastly shrunken worlds. Tying knots in the silk string helped to loosen the knots inside of us. Working with opals from faraway lands encouraged our minds to wander to those places. The endless play of color in the precious stones reminded us that the unexpected beauty of the universe could reach us even when we were stuck in our living rooms. Gradually, we began to feel the effects of our handiwork: our heart rates decreased, our minds quieted, and we didn't feel so alone. We joined the ranks of people who were redefining their boundaries and expanding their horizons in the wake of the pandemic. Finding ways to connect, to love, to grieve, and to hope — all while stranded.