Matt Albiani Photography


Matt Albiani hails from New England, and attended university in New York City.

He uses these East Coast sensibilities in his work and in his photographs.

His first book, LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, a love letter to summer, is a fine example of this.

Here, Albiani traveled for years across the U.S. photographing ocean guards in their own environment.

With an intense simplicity, a pure eye, and - as a former lifeguard himself - a soulful connection to these brave men, he has created a beautiful and unique tribute to the life of a guard.

Albiani is also co owner of the vintage shop MATE GALLERY in Montecito, CA and SEA ROOST - a two-cottage property on Long Island, containing a few of the last remaining original fisherman cottages at Hither Hills.

He lives in the West Village, NYC and Montauk, Long Island